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DC Sports Minute for Thursday 7th January 2010

In the last few days a lot has happened.  Gilbert is suspended, Zorn fired, Shanahan hired, Jin Soo Kim (Choi) left the Terps to go pro in Korea, Portis diss’ed JCam and the beat goes on.  For those to the north of DC, the Ravens are going to the playoffs.  Even if it is a […]

Non-Sports Minute re: Acorn

Just in case you did not see it yet… Even the Daily Show is on Acorn’s case these days. Very funny, check it out.

Capital Sports Blog

Well folks, after writing this column since the beginning of the year (2009) I had the opportunity to purchase the name and have taken on the challenge. On the 13th of May (my lucky day) Cover3 became my blog and became its new home. You can look for updates to the layout of […]

An Ending (not about sports)

What do you say when something ends? But all good things come to an end. I had an ending the other day that did not have to do with sports. My sister-in-law, Barby, had some cool parents. Because Bob (brother) & Barby lived in the same town (Hagerstown) as I did when I was growing […]

A Day in the Life of a Turtle

*Spring Football* It was a good day for football. 50 degrees or so, drizzle and quite chilly with a breeze. A cool day for late March and spring football practice. The gang of 3 arrived at the practice fields behind the Gosset team house around 11:30a. One of the rules of being allowed to attend […]

How to Invest

This is probably closer to the truth than anyone wants to admit. Video Recaps | Full Episodes | Webisodes

I Love Gary Williams

There are a lot of things to be said about Gary Williams. I have not heard anything sung about him. Well, there is always a first time for everything.

Human Banana’s v the Barcodes and Devils

The last lead was 52-51. The game was tied at 60 with 5 minutes to go. Was there more magic in those yellow uniforms? Will we continue to dress like bananas into the future? I think the answer to both questions might be “no”. Our magic was squashed by some poor officiating and a few […]

Sunday was Super

Well folks, the season is over. Football season is our best time of the year. Starting way back in July, we started watching training camp. Then college camps opened. My little team, that’s Jordan in the Chargers jersey and Mason in the Terps uniform, is more into college ball than pro. Our real season ended […]

A Night in the Ravens Den

Pittsburgh won the game, the Ravens could not catch up. For once, Baltimore’s other Birds (not the Orioles) were out hit at the end. The Ravens need some offensive playmakers. A Plaxico Burress type receiver would do wonders for Joe Flacco’s numbers. This is not as much about the game as about the party. It […]