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Mark Turgeon – after Mt St Mary’s

Thanks to Dave Lomonico for and Terrapin Times for the video.

YoungTerps 69: Delaware/Indiana Pregame

Temple of Doom

What a downer the Temple game was.  The Terps were out of it from the “get go”.  Temple 38 to 7 over the Terps. When the players ran onto the field before the game started, I noticed that only one (#21 Trenton Hughes) ran to the student section.  What an odd way to start the […]

Football Friday – Go Terps

Here is a little pre-game video to get you going for this big college football weekend.  Terps v Navy is 4p on Monday.  You can catch it on ESPN. Meanwhile, enjoy the holiday and check out this highlight reel of returning Terps

Football is Back – Go Terps!

Looking forward to football.  I can not imagine that it will be worse than last year.  Of course I have to promise you that I have been going to these games for too long to give up.  This is season 26 in the stands for me.  I may have missed 5 home games over those […]

Terrapin News and Notes – On Basketball

Two of more interesting stories out of College Park over the last few weeks have been (1) DeShawn Painter (F/C) choosing NC State over the Terps and (2) that Gary Williams has a twitter account. The Terps already have Stoglin and Ross for the 2010 back court duo. A few more big guys would sure […]

Terps Springtime Football

The spring game for the Terps is on Saturday. The temperature should be in the mid-80’s by game time. How do you know it is spring in Washington? The Capitals are out of the playoffs, the Nationals are in last place, the Redskins are the talk of the league, Gilbert Arenas is practicing hard for […]

On Basketball – 4 21 2009

Lefty was a great recruiter, but maybe not the best coach in the world. Gary is a great coach, but maybe not the best recruiter we have ever seen. In this season of renewal, Gary may be bringing in a class that we match anything Lefty could come up with. We have already discussed in […]

Terps Past and Future on Basketball

In the cold gray light of early April, the thoughts in Turtleland look both back and forward. Back is sunnier. 7 years ago we were National Champions. As I said to Mason (who is 7 years of age), “wow seven years is a lifetime in basketball.” Even that Natty, as some folks came to calling […]

On Basketball – 2/17/2009

Tonight – The Terps visit Clemson tonight. Clemson had a tough loss last time out against Virginia, coming up losers 85-81 in overtime. Meanwhile, the Terps played their best game in a while beating VT by 10 in College Park. Tonight, I expect Clemson to continue their traditional swoon, with the Terps having an above […]