Terrapin Monday

This is the column version of TerpTalk Tuesday.

I have been hearing that Dan Mullen, head coach of Mississippi State, is the leading choice to be the next football coach at Maryland.  I would be happy enough if this comes to be true.

I would take Mullen over many of the others because he has great experience in the SEC.  He has taken a lower division school and made them very relevant in a great football conference.

The soccer team, who beat UVA in NCAA Tournament action on Sunday night 1-0, appears to be at Notre Dame on Sunday 29th.   If the Terps win, they get the winner of Clemson and Santa Barbara.

If there is a positive from the football season, it is the fellows on the offensive line.  Derwin Gray was out with a injury, but Brendan Moore (#64) played for much of the game at guard and Damian Price (#58) started and played the entire game at right tackle.  He was the lead blocker for a lot of the Brandon Ross yardage.

There are a lot more young offensive linemen waiting their chance.  The line will become a strength of the team.

For the basketball team, I love the smaller lineup.  I know that Maryland has great bigs.  I would start Carter at center, Layman at power forward, Nickens, Sulaimon and Melo.  That is the best five we have right now.  Of course Stone is heavily rotated into the lineup.  I am not sure how many minutes Ceko and Dodd will get on a game to game basis.  Ceko has a huge upside.

The key to being really great is the advancement of Jaylen Brantley at guard.  He is off to a slow start, but we will need to give him minutes to be ready for March.

When you are as good a team as Maryland is already, it is not how you play in  November, but how you play in March that counts.

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