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Turgeonites or the Dancing Turgeons

Most of you know that I have been a life-long Terp fan.  Over the past few years, with the blog and lately with Bruce Posner and TerpTalk, I have been able to share my love of the Terps and Maryland with all of you.

What follows below is the culmination of several weeks of work on my behalf, but actually celebrates some big time Terp fans and dedicated dancers.

You are going to meet Jamie, Cory and the rest of the Turgeonites.  You will get a look inside of the Dance Team practices and meet Annie Kennedy our Dance Team coach along with choreographer Tim.  The Dance Team is really part of the band.  So at the very end of Reel 4, you will meet Dr. Sparks who is the leader of the pep band.

It is a story about being a fan, about dedication and the behind the scenes world of what you see on the court if you are at the game and what you miss if you are just watching on television.

Thanks to Annie and the Dance Team for access, Bruce for the freedom to do creative work and the Turgeonites for being outstanding fans.

The video is constructed of 4 parts, called Reels.  It runs just over 15 minutes at the moment.  I and TerpTalk hope that you enjoy it.

Since this is self-published, I am asking my readers for some help in the final editing.  I am looking for comments on making the video better.  Please let me know if you want to help.

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