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Wiz Biz (11/20/2018)

The Big Picture I can tell you exactly when I lost all faith in the Wizards season. It was saturday afternoon while I was sitting on the toilet scrolling in the ESPN app when I decided to take a look at the NBA standings. At the time the Magic were 8th in the Eastern conference, […]

Wiz Biz (11/13/2018)

The Big Picture Bad news, the Wizards still kinda suck. Good news, they showed big signs of improvement this week and are only 1.5 games out of the playoffs in the horrible east. This was, far and away, the Wizards best week of the season they doubled their win total and scored two wins against […]

Wiz Biz (11/6/2018)

The Big Picture As a wrote late last week, the Wizards are in critical condition right now. Unfortunately it’s only gotten worse for what was supposed to be one of the top teams in the east. Since last we spoke here on Wiz Biz, the Wizards have posted a 1-3 record against teams with a […]

Doctor’s Report on Wizards Season

Someone, call 911, I think the Wizards are in critical condition!!!   Later, at hospital Doctor: I have good news and bad news Let’s start with the bad news, at it is bad. With tonight’s 134-111 loss to the OKC Thunder, DC falls to 1-7 on the young NBA season. Simply put, the Wizards have […]

Wiz Biz (10/30)

The Big Picture …Uh oh. These guys are in trouble, for real. The Wizards are currently a horrendous 1-5, good for a 3 way tie for 2nd to last place in the entire league. Yikes. It’s not like the schedule has been that hard either, the fact of the matter is, despite this teams clear […]

Wiz Biz (10/23/2018)

The Big Picture We are only three games into the 82 game Wizards season, yet we already have a trend as clear as day in DC, the Wizards play in some really, really close games. So far the Wizards have lost by scores of one and four, and won by one in overtime. Also to […]