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Looking ahead at the Redskins Schedule

Fact: The Washington Redskins are a surprise to most this season at 4-2

Fact: The Washington Redskins have played a pretty “meh” schedule so far with a combined 18-19-1 with the teams they have played so far.

Fact: It is only gets easier from here.

You might think “wait, what?” After all we haven’t exactly been playing super stars so far, and a lot of people (including myself) were looking ahead at the 2018 schedule thinking “oh man, this is going to be a gauntlet”. However, many teams have been disappointments this season.

Four teams that we have remaining, the Falcons, Eagles, Jaguars, and Titans all were supposed to be playoff contenders, however they all have losing records at the moment. Meanwhile three of the teams that were supposed to be tougher (Packers, Saints, Panthers) we already played and won 2 of 3 against.

Let’s look ahead at the rest of schedule:

@ Giants (1-6)

Vs. Falcons (3-4)

@ Buccaneers (3-3)

Vs. Texans (4-3)

@ Cowboys (3-4)

@ Eagles (3-4)

Vs. Giants (1-6)

@ Jaguars (3-4)

@ Titans (3-4)

Vs Eagles (3-4)

That’s right, only one team remaining on the schedule has a winning record right now. Can you tell me that there isn’t a possibility that we don’t run the table and go 14-2 on the season? Which one of the teams remaining can we not beat? Sure, some of these guys are better than us on paper, the AFC south teams in particular are going to be tough, if they can get out of their own way (looking at you guys, Jags and Titans). However, I don’t think it’s remotely out of the question for us to go 10-6 or 11-5 and win the division.

At least as it stands right now, the hardest part of the schedule was the three game stretch of the Packers, Saints, and Panthers, and we did pretty good over the stretch.

Provided we maintain some form of decent health (which, with four impact players out last week, is a flexible term) this team can do some damage this season. HTTR, we have a real shot this year.

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  1. Somehow, the ceiling on the Redskins seems to be 10-6/9-7. Still no depth on the team. Don;t know how they lose the games, just know that they do.

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