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“Almost” – on Maryland Terps Football

Wayne Viener, College Park, MD – “Almost” doesn’t get it done. We “almost” won today.

However, “almost” is better than no chance. For the past few years in dealing with the big boys of the B1G, the Terps had no chance.

On Saturday, the chances were there for the taking. A near record rushing performance by AntMac (Anthony McFarland), a recovered kickoff (the second long form on-side kick of the year); a pick six; an OSU fumble on the one yard line; another Haskins fumble and a turnover on downs.

The Buckeyes begged Maryland to take the game. And the Turtles “almost” (there is that word again) did it.

The Terps seemed to play against type, history, the refs and Ohio State. And did not trail for 60 minutes.

Usually when you have spectacular touchdown runs, breathtaking catches and never trail you win. In this case, “almost”.

Maryland’s defense was running out of steam. As the game wound down, you figured Maryland would run out of gas in the last minutes and lose. But… the offense found a way. Jayshuan Jones had a once in a lifetime catch for a TD. AntMac, our newest superhero, along with seldom used receiver Darryl Jones played huge roles in keeping the final drives alive.

When Chig Okonkwo fell on the ball in the end zone with 1:41 left, it was a miracle and the Terps led 45-38.

It was too good to be true. OSU quickly went 60 yards and tied the score.

The Terps still had life, I would have liked to see the Terps get a try at a game winning field goal, but got pushed out of range and we went to OT.

Ohio State had their way with the tired Turtle defense. And then AntMac added one more highlight reel run to make it 52-51 OSU. Do you kick the extra point and live to play another round of OT or go for two and try to win now? Matt Canada had a response ready, GO FOR IT!

The play was open, Piggy threw it a little wider than Jayshuan was set, the ball glanced off his outstretched hand and hit the turf.

A great game was lost. Respect was gained. Maryland’s cursed season had a bright spot in a loss to a B1G bully.

The game “almost” proved Maryland bowl eligible. It did prove Maryland bowl worthy. No “almost” about it.

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  1. I was talking with a buddy at Maryland’s 2-0 second round NCAA Tournament win over NC State Sunday and he said the national reaction to MD’s effort was overwhelmingly admiring and positive.

    Here’s hoping the Terps can turn Happy Valley into Unhappy Valley Saturday and earn bowl eligibility.

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