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Three Takeaways from Maryland Football

It has been a difficult, tragic season in College Park. Here are three things that stand out from the 2018 season: 1. Maryland needs to have a direction for football. This starts at the top – we will get to that, but on the field is the first move. Is it going to be Mike […]

Basketball is on the Bounce

Wayne Viener, State College, PA – It is time for optimism in College Park. The men’s basketball team seems to have found the right gear in scoring 104 points on Friday night. For a few minutes in the second half, the Terps were near flawless. Stretching a 53-28 halftime lead into a 104-67 victory over […]

Rivalry Week – Penn State

Wayne Viener, Hagerstown, MD – This is my rivalry game. Terps v Penn State to me is the real deal. A border war, played over the years and a non-stop contest to recruit the same players. I know that Maryland rarely to never beats Penn State. I also realize that this might just be a […]

“Almost” – on Maryland Terps Football

Wayne Viener, College Park, MD – “Almost” doesn’t get it done. We “almost” won today. However, “almost” is better than no chance. For the past few years in dealing with the big boys of the B1G, the Terps had no chance. On Saturday, the chances were there for the taking. A near record rushing performance […]

Is Mike Locksley Your Guy?

How does one do this thing about getting a new coach?  Call someone you know?  Like Mike Locksley? Or… call someone new that you want to meet, like John Harbaugh (of the Ravens right now, but not for long if the rumors are true).  Maybe someone older, with experience like Les Miles.  Or someone younger, […]

Football, Culture and Turtles

Wayne Viener – Columbia, SC – Culture in sports – how “we” do things and how “we” compete and what “our” values are. You can replace the words in quotations with the name of your team or school. The result is the same. All of that talk is for in the building perspective. It is […]

Did Football Season Just End?! on the Terps

Its just a feeling, but we had to have that game.  Oh it was close, had a chance down the stretch, and could not get it done.  34-32 losers on the road at Indiana. Mistakes abounded early for the Terps.  Probably gave them 17 points or so.  Kasim got hurt.  And then the Maryland team […]

Football Friday “Things Will Calm Down” !?!

Friday, 11/2/2018, NYC – What a week – the most dysfunctional (their words, not mine), direction changing, upside down, inside out week I have seen at Maryland. Mason goes to the coach’s presser (Matt Canada) on Tuesday. Mason comes back to the office and gets the presser video up. Then we decide to go the […]