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Tough Sports Weekend

It was a tough weekend for my teams. A bit of a lackluster start to the weekend was the Friday night game, Terps basketball against Indian University of Pennsylvania.  Terps win 73-61, but it did not have the impact that I was expecting.  The freshmen Charles Mitchell and Seth Allen were good, 15 rebounds for the power […]

Friday Photo Day

The Terps don’t play this weekend, but that does not stop the fun here.  We are already gearing up for West Virginia next Saturday, 17th September.  The game is at 12p on ESPN. Here are the 128 photos shot with the Canon and a 20x zoom.  All of these are from press box level on […]

Define the Moment – on Terps Football

Both teams have to win a few to make it a rivalry and lately the Terps have not been beating the Mountaineers. Saturday, Maryland’s young upstarts get a shot to make this a dream season.  Well, at least the beginning of a dream season. The 2-0 Terrapins travel to Morgantown, WV to take on the […]

We Were “Born Ready’

Born Ready was in the house. Gary Williams came out of the tunnel with a full double fist pump. He almost pumped himself out of his jacket. The crowd went crazy. The best national anthem singers in TerpLand were on hand. The Generics, a University acappela group, harmonized the anthem. They should be the house […]

News and Notes 1/31/2009

This weekends edition of News and Notes features Terp Basketball, Football and the NFL Terp Basketball For all of the noise being made, we are 2 wins and 4 loses in the ACC. If we are going to “right the ship”, we can get started tonight. Miami visits at 8p. On the possible good news […]

Ambulance Chasers

The seas are getting rough out there for the Terp’s ship. We are taking on water at the moment. In the hour of our discontent, we are now fodder for the Washington Post, ESPN, WFAN (660 AM) in New York City and many others. The only knock I have is the Washington Post. They could […]

Time to Meet the Devil(s)

It is time to visit Durham, NC again. Our annual pilgrimage to the ‘toughest place to play in College Basketball’. Why is that phrase in quotes? Because the Terps beat the Dukies on the sainted Cameron Indoor Stadium court on a regular basis. Who over the years (last 20 or so) has given the Duke […]

Grit of the Terp

Now that was a ‘gritty’ performance on Tuesday evening. Really it was. Suffering from a distinct lack of big men, with Dave Neal bloodied early in the contest and Dino Gregory in foul trouble. Seeing another 17 point lead diminished to 2 points late in the game. All of this in front of a 1/2 […]

Pluses and Minuses in Terps Basketball

No Bigs Gives us Postseason Hope For the first time I can remember, the Maryland Terrapins do not have a “Big”. A tall guy, a center, a man in the middle. Somehow, someway we managed to not have the middle covered. There have been many who have questioned the recruiting prowess of Gary Williams, now […]