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Is 7 Wins Good Enough?

I have to admit that I was really disappointed in the Terps loss to Rutgers.  Was it the worse feeling that I have had in Byrd Stadium? No, not by a long shot.

The loss to Penn State in 1985 was bad.  The 42-40 loss to NC State in 1992 was a low point.  The 35-34 season ender when LaMont Jordan had 307 yards was crushing.  The lowest point more recently was the 2012 loss to NC State and the 2013 loss to BC.

OK, so there have been a lot of losses over the years that were painful.  Anyone who has watched Maryland would have to agree with that.

Lets focus in on why this gang of Terps can’t be great. There seems to be a lack of killer instinct.  I don’t know too many fans that think this regime has the coaching in place to make Maryland a 10 win institution.

Right now, I am happy enough with a 7 win season.  I would have loved to have 8 wins.  This is/was the year to have an 8 win football team.  Penn State and Michigan were down.  Iowa (a mid-season Terp win) is thinking of cutting ties with Kirk Ferentz. Indiana has been horrible.

Our Terps have had a fortunate schedule for 2014.  You can get a lot of mileage out of the hashtag “#stillbowleligible” after blowing a 25 point lead at home.

The question is, is a 7 or 8 win Terp team good enough?  Right now, for me the jury is still out.

Here is the postgame report from Byrd on Saturday night – Thanks again to intern Mason.

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  1. Wayne your right it wasn't the worst loss we've ever seen. But I have never seen a coach go from a possible contract extension to the hot seat in just over a half of football. With next years schedule being tough. A new starting QB (whoever that may be)possibly the loss of Diggs and the turnaround in Men's Bball. All eyes are focused now on Edsall. I hope he has a few tricks up his sleeve. Other than running on 4th and 1 out of the shotgun.

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