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No Help on the Way – On Basketball

A quickie update to the recruiting jungle for the Terps Men’s basketball team.

It appears that Lance Stephenson is not going to be a Terp. Born Ready is said to be looking at Kansas and St John’s. That leaves the Terps in 3rd place and out of the running on this one.

From looking at the NBA draft scenarios, no one has Greivis Vasquez being drafted. I think he may be back as a Terp for his senior season. Speaking of the NBA draft, there are a lot of juniors and seniors on the draft list. Not so many “one and done’s” as I would have expected.

Terrell Vinson, of St Frances Academy in Baltimore, will take his national top 50 talent to UMass. The 6-6 guard / forward is said to not have the explosive steps to the basket that are needed in the ACC. He has not been as heavily recruited by the big schools. The most well known program that had interest was the Terps.

Other Terp related notes, Quintrell Thomas, who was once looked at as can’t miss power forward, missed. He is looking to get out of Kansas as his freshman year concludes. Q was well liked as a Terp prospect, but went with Kansas when the Terps ardor cooled a bit. Maybe Gary knew what he was doing.

2 thoughts on “No Help on the Way – On Basketball”

  1. Where do you get this Vinson info or are you just speculating? This is the only place I’ve seen this. Nice scoop if true.

  2. I was told by an unnamed source (friend) that he (Vinson) was headed up north. Maryland did not really want him, he is too close to the abilities of everyone we already have.


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