Wiz Biz 1/28/2019

Editor’s Note: Sorry, last week really got away from me. So enjoy a double feature this week, covering all of the last two weeks games. The Big Picture I think over these two weeks have gotten a good read on who the post John Wall Wizards are. They beat the teams they are “supposed” to […]

YoungTerps 87: Michigan State

Mason and Jordan discuss- Non-Rev report Maryland Football’s newest hires Other Maryland Football news Maryland Basketballs loss to MSU Outlook on Maryland Basketball next few games Make sure to follow us on Twitter @YoungTerp1.

Terps Fall Short at MSU 69-55

Maryland fell to Michigan State Monday 69-55. The Spartans lead by Cassius Winston and Kenny Goins who both put up 14 points. Michigan State jumped out of the gate early to a 18-6 lead before Maryland caught up to tie the score at 20-20. The Spartans then finished the half as they started it with […]

Cap Tip (1/17/2019)

The Big Picture …Yikes, that was one of the worst weeks the Capitals had all season. Since we last gathered here on the 10th, the Caps have gained a total of one point and lost by a total score of 13 to 4. For the second time this season Washington lined up against the St. […]

Wiz Biz (1/15/2019)

The Big Picture The Wizards had a 2-2 split this week, which is ok, because they played some dang fine teams. With a lineup of the Philadelphia 76ers, Milwaukee Bucks (without Gianes, but still), and the Toronto Raptors, many likely expected Washington to lose out this week, but thanks to stellar play from our remaining […]