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Randy on the way out

According to many reports and apparently confirmed that Randy Edsall is to be let go as the Maryland head coach.

This is from Yahoo Sports and Pat Forde –

Y Sports can confirm earlier report that Maryland intends to fire Randy Edsall as its football coach. Timing TBD.

I had similar information after the WVU game that the Ohio State game (on Saturday) would be the last game for Randy and that he would be let go over the bye week.  After OSU, Maryland has the week off and then plays Penn State in Baltimore on the 24th.  

What I did not have was a solid source that we could go on air with and report.  So we held onto the story. 

Earlier today, Jeff Erman tweeted out that he had learned of the situation and that Randy was to be let go.  Since I had heard this on September 29, I thought it was the same story.  It probably was.  

Once the story went public, it took a few hours for Yahoo Sports to confirm the rumor. 

Here is how Randy Edsall spoke about his job status earlier this week.  The person asking the question is Washington Post report Roman Stubbs –

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  1. The breaking of this story today showed the power of social media. a single tweet sent out went instantly viral. The author of that tweet was on 105.7 the fan less than 2 hours later. The statement put out by the university stating that Edsall will be the coach this Saturday. Wasn't exactly a endorsement. Usually they will say something like all coaches are evaluated at the end of the season or something to that effect. In the end you are what your record says you are. Coach Edsall's record just wasn't good enough. All that said this job will be attractive to someone. It's a B1G job in a major market. The 4 problems the new football coach will face are Ohio State, Michigan State, Michigan and Penn State. And that's just the east division. It will take more than just the DMV to UMD movement and pretty pictures of an indoor practice facility to become competitive.

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