Sunday was Super

Well folks, the season is over. Football season is our best time of the year. Starting way back in July, we started watching training camp. Then college camps opened. My little team, that’s Jordan in the Chargers jersey and Mason in the Terps uniform, is more into college ball than pro.

Our real season ended in December as the Terps beat Nevada in our bowl game. Now that the only game remains is the Pro Bowl, the rest of the world considers the season done.

This past Sunday was Super, but for different reasons.

We went to Uncle Fuzzy’s (not really our Uncle, but he does not owe us any money, so he’s a keeper) Super Bowl party on Sunday. There was a great pick-up football game at the high school. I played quarterback for the old guys team. We played the high school kids. They had 6, we only had 4 old dudes. So Mason and Jordan got to play. Mason even caught a pass.

updateas Uncle Fuzzy has pointed out, the old dudes beat the youngsters 6 to 4. And he will not let them forget that for at least 6 months.

I was so proud to have my ‘littles’ play in a real game. Mason was the middel linebacker for a bit and mainly the fullback, so he could stand next to daddy on offense. Jordan was in the game in his favorite postion, defensive back. I hope that this is first of many times that I get to play with my boys.

Then we went home to watch the game. We were in deep for the Cardinals and all three of us really enjoyed the game. Our ‘real game’ was already played earlier in the day.

You never know what is going to happen, so you take your pleasures where you can.

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  1. Thanks for coming. We had a blast. While I’m still a little sore, it was worth it. You forgot to mention that the 4 old dudes BEAT the 6 high schoolers!


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