Swearinger Gone

In all fairness over the past two years D.J Swearinger has attacked coaches and other players to the team Sunday was the last straw.

The chatter is everywhere from the moment Swearinger was released from The Team 980 and 106.7 The Fan. Callers outraged about how “this shows the organization as a whole”. The bottom line is the Redskins are a business and the organization did not approve of Swraringers comments time and time again with multiple reports saying the Redskins sat D.J down multiple¬†times and told him so. The end result as we all know was that D.J continued to break the rules and faced the consequences.

Swearinger was a good player over the past two seasons, but the time had come. The Redskins know they lost a good player. Jay and Co. just couldn’t tolerate the insubordination.

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