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Terps Look to “Rock Out” versus Duke

On this past Saturday the Terps took some steps forward in their season.  In addition to a win over Florida International (FIU) it looks like the team found a quarterback in redshirt freshman Danny O’Brien.

By the way, the band is really good as well.   See below for the highlights from the halftime show.

Does the team still have some problems?  Sure they do.  The defense forgets how to tackle and there are still way too many guys playing early in their college careers.

At one point early in the first quarter, things looked so bad that I had the notion to tear up my season tickets and send them to Ralph.  To put it lightly the beginning was rocky. I think the season was saved when a Da’Rel Scott fumble that was recovered by FIU on the Maryland 25 yard line was waived off because of an off-sides penalty on FIU.

I have two very critical fans with me for the games.  The Littles.  For most of the game, Jordan was concerned that it just “didn’t feel like a football day”.  And he was right.  Temperatures were in the 90’s and the sun was beating down hard.

Plus, as he added, “it wasn’t very exciting”.  That was true as well.  It is hard to score 105 points in two home games and have a boring product.

Mason, on the other hand, was having fun.  He went for the chicken fingers early and figured that we were “just going to win”.  Mason was much more interested in the crowd that had gathered on the deck of the Gossett team house in the end zone.

Another highlight of the day was the misting tents that were spread throughout the stadium.  The kids went back repeatedly late in the game to cool off.

One thing that I don’t think will cool off this week is the offense.  In fact, I would not be surprised if the Terps put up 50 against Duke.  I will take the Terps 52-35 over the Blue Devils.  Lets hope the points keep on coming and the the band keeps on playing.

Speaking of the band playing on, here is the Terps tribute to Bruce Springsteen.  For those reading on facebook, please go to to see the video.

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