Capital Sports Blog Uncategorized Welcome Back – Fall 2018

Welcome Back – Fall 2018

After a few years of just digital content and radio appearances, (not so much writing), we are relaunching the Capital Sports Blog.

Who is we?  I am Wayne your senior editor.  Of course we have Mason, host of the YoungTerps podcast and Jordan, the co-host of the YoungTerps.

You have heard Mason on TerpTalk and SportsMaven radio on CBS Sports Radio in Baltimore.  Jordan has made guest appearances on the radio shows.

Jordan has been our lead sportswriter for the other sites and has been the host and creator of Talk Redskins.  At present, Jordan also appears on the air with KREF in Fargo ND as “DJ 8:30”.

Mason is gaining national acclaim as the host of the YoungTerps podcast.  It is the most listened to Maryland sports podcast in the world.  Jordan is a founder of the podcast.

Back to me, I have been co-hosting radio shows, postgame shows and working on the video side for last few years.  It is time to get back to our roots, and that is being sportswriters.


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