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What If the Redskins “Browned”

I have an interesting hypothetical for you all, what if the Redskins pulled a Cleveland Browns. What I mean by that is, what if, for whatever the reason, Dan Snyder decided that the DC area wasn’t right for the organization and he decided to go to, I don’t know, St. Louis. The NFL agrees to let him move on the same conditions they did the Browns. The team history, colors and all that stay in Washington and are given to an expansion franchise that shows up in two years while Danny keeps his assets and moves.

I know this would never happen for a variety of reasons, but what would you as a fan say to this scenario, would you be willing to trade a couple years without a team for getting rid of Snyder and his band of dysfunction? I think it speaks volumes that I would seriously consider this as a decent option if it gets rid of him. We would still, at least sort of, get to keep the team. What are we really losing in this deal besides a couple of fan favorite players?

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