Football Friday: Iowa Week

It is a strange year for the Terps football team. An interim head coach, a reformed defense, big minutes for players who are on the field for the first time at Maryland and the gloom from the investigations.

Looking at it that way, it is a minor miracle that the team is winning. 4-2 through 6 games and a tough 6 games to come.

Within the scope of reasonable outcomes, all things are still possible for this team. How high can they go? A 7 win season would be great. How low? From this point, maybe they only win one more game.

After the Texas game, former Terp Vernon Davis wrote (to paraphrase) that this version of the Terps were winners when they battled through that Texas game.

Halfway through, who are the big winners on the field – I am going with linebacker Tre Watson, freshman kicker Joseph Petrino and tailback Anthony “Ant” McFarland. Darnell Savage and Antoine Brooks have to be on the list as well. JeShaun Jones had a game for the ages against Texas.

On the downside, the QB play could be better. The offensive line has had some injuries.

In TurtleLand, 4-2 is a pretty good record. Not too much to complain about.

On the sideline, the refreshing nature of having Matt Canada as the head coach. His tenure may be brief, however, the time spent has been entertaining. We will always have the jet sweep.

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