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Foster Farms Bowl – Comments

Maryland is making the trip to Santa Clara to face Stanford (7-5) on Dec 30th at 7p (PST) at the new Levis Stadium where the 49ers play.

I am happy that the Terps received a good bowl bid after the embarrassing end to the season with the Rutgers game.  However, after further review, I am not sure how good a game this is for Maryland.

Here are some of the good points. The team seems excited to go to California and … Hold on here, there have to be some other good points.

The game is at 10p on the 30th local time.  That is not a good game time on the East Coast.  Other than true Terp fans, who is going to stay up to see Maryland football the night before New Year’s eve?  In fact, the 30th game seems like the perfect Maryland screw-up.  1st B1G conference game ever is at 5p local time at Michigan State and then a 10p football game.

ESPN has turned the 30th into the Terps New Years eve.

The game is an easy drive, no, scratch that.  Well a cheap plane fare, hold on, scratch that one to.  At least you can get there and fly home right after the game, nope not gonna work either.

Let’s face it, it is a game that will cost $1,500 per person to get there.  Air, hotel, rental car, game tix and Bowl t-shirts will cost.  I would add that if the team had kept that 25 point lead over Rutgers, there would be more enthusiasm for an 8 win team.

Overall, there are going to be very few Terp fans making the trip.  Playing on Florida would have been so much better.  Even playing in Dallas or Detroit would have been preferable to getting to Santa Clara.

By the way, Foster Farms sells chickens.  Looks like the West Coast version of Perdue Chicken.

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