Redskins Win One for the Kids

It was an epic win for the home team.  One of the most exciting Redskins games I have been to since 1999.  The Redskins beat the Ravens in overtime 31-28.

I was happy to share the game with Jordan and Mason because they have not been to a playoff level, big-game, professional football event yet.  Being life-long Redskin fans, to have the impact on your spirit, it had to be your team winning the game.

All they know of the great games and fanatical crowds is through the lens of time, looking back on the 1970’s or 80’s.  Yesterday at FedEx Field, they got a look at what that kind of game and situation can feel like.

So how does that feel?  It feels like friends who root for the other team become enemies for a few hours.  We saw it with our own eyes and certainly heard it as well.  Yes, Ravens and Redskins fans came to the game together (not us).  They battled for a few hours and hopefully made up on the way home.

How does it sound?  20 minutes after the game, you could still hear the buzz in the parking lots.  I told the Littles to stop and listen to that, because that is how winning sounds.  It is the pro sports version of “stop and smell the roses”.

I hope that there are playoff games and that, at least for a while, the Redskins are good again.  I want them to know that your team can win.  Then they can look back and tell their children, it was great when I was a kid and we had a winning team.

Speaking of winning, here is my view of the kick that won the game:

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