Monday Night Rant

Monday, 12/3 was the night that could’ve been for DMV football. Let’s start with the clown show going on at the University of Maryland, President Wallace Loh reportedly had all three head coaching candidates at his house last night…… surprise number 1 and to this moment nobody seems to know when Evans and Loh will make the call on the next head Football coach. This bothers me, Wallace Loh has repeatedly said all over the place that athletics is the front porch of the University, but these past 6 months to a year it certainly doesn’t seem like he treats it as such. The President must finally listen to the fans and make the right call, the call to Mike Locksley.

Now to the Redskins, oh the Redskins when will the pain stop? Never. Never is what I like, many others are on board with Colt Mcoy say now that he is out for the season. Jay Gruden has no answers and I don’t blame him, Mark Sanchez has been with the team all of two weeks and is not a world beater to start with. A 28-13 defeat to the Eagles and 6-6 overall makes this look like another lost year.

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