Recruiting Day – Football

02-04-2009 College Park, Maryland

National Letter of Intent (LOI) day has come. Maryland had a good day. All the promised high schoolers are signed up for the 2009 season.

I had a chance to talk to Ralph Freidgen (head coach); James Franklin (offensive coordinator); Don Brown (new defensive ccoordinator) along with Dave Sollazzo (d line) and Al Seamonson (linebackers coach).

The recruiting celebration and 6:30p press conference was a who’s who of Maryland Football. The muckety-mucks from the Terrapin Club (Craig Enloe, Director) were there as well as Athletic Director Debbie Yow. I had a pleasant chat with former Terp center Kyle Schmitt.

In addition, while Coach Brown and Franklin stepped aside, I had a one on three conversation for 20 minutes with 4 star recruits DeOnte Arnett, Zack Kerr and Cody Blue. All three are already enrolled in the University.

Over the next few days, I will post photos and the stories that go along with all the folks with whom I spoke, including the just posted story on Dave Sollazzo and Lance Stephenson.

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