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The B1G Ten and Maryland Tale

How did this all start?
I guess the full answer is that we have been on a rocky path since Len Bias passed away.  The debt issue grew under the Debbie Yow regime.  It has been better under KA.  
We can start with the lack of donations.  Terp “fans” don’t send in $ like the other schools. I don’t know why that it is, but it is true.
The second part is the facilities stuff.  The debacle that is Byrd Stadium rebuild, both the upper deck and the USS Terrapin (Tyser Tower) were poor decisions.  
The lack of ticket sales for football and a poor advertising campaign for years has not helped.
When KA came in, the hole was already dug.  Instead of adding to the debt, or really that we could not borrow any more $, we had to cut sports.  The over emphasis on non-revenue sports by the Yow administration had to end.  We had to cut 8 sports.
We still can’t afford to add self-financed facilities.  The new turf was a donation.  We need to reduce the debt and get an indoor practice facility built.  Paying off the stadium debt and/or getting Byrd “right” would be a big help.
The ACC has not helped.  There is no ACC Network.  The teams are not that good in football.  Basketball is not a real money maker.  It really is the All Carolina Conference.  The Notre Dame deal, where the conference allowed partial membership put the nail in the coffin.  
Then there is the research consortium.  The CIC is the premier group of large, public land grant universities.  Maryland fits right in.

For those that are wondering, “Why Now” – The ACC contract states that one has to give 10 months notice.  I believe that by giving notice by the end of November, that Maryland is looking to begin 2013 fall sports in the B1G Ten.  If not the fall sports, then at the least the 2013-2014 winter sports.  

Wayne the fan has a view on this as well –
Hey, I know that some locals are upset.  They want to stay with the ACC for traditions sake. 
I would like to stay with a few of the ACC partners, but have no particular love for BC, VT, Clemson, and even UVA. 
There is no football rival.  We can’t even sell tickets for #8 Florida State.  We have few real fans. 
The call went out for money to save our non-revenue sports, donations did not come in.  The BigTen showed up with $100 million and now people are upset?
If you are that upset, don’t complain, send a check.  If everyone who is upset would have sent in $15 to the athletic department or the Terrapin Club, we would not be in this position.  

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