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Who does the schedule favor? – On the Redskins

Wayne Viener, Rockville, MD – When I looked at the schedule a few weeks ago, before everyone got hurt, I thought the end of the season was going to be good.

Now I am not too sure.

Although Jay Gruden does not get much credit around the DMV, he is running an offense without 11 of the assets that he counted on at the beginning of the year. Counting lost wide receivers, linemen, running backs and a qb seems like excuse making. The fact that the offense works at all is pretty impressive.

Now we hit the home stretch of the season. The defense has gotten tired, the offense is running on replacement parts, and we have been caught in the standings. The Redskins need at least to go 3-2 to make the playoffs. Here are the final 5:

At Eagles
At Jaguars
At Titans

What does a 9-7 record get? A probable wild card spot.

With the Cowboys beating New Orleans last night, the Cowboys are 7-5. Here are their final 4:

At Colts
At Giants

Right now it looks like a 3-1 finish is possible. Cowboys are looking at a 10-6 record.

The contenders for the wild card are:

Team/ Next Game

Minnesota 6-4-1 (at Patriots, at Seahawks, Dolphins, at Lions, Bears)
Redskins 6-5 (at Eagles)
Seattle 6-5 (49ers, Vikings, at 49ers, Chiefs, Cardinals)
Carolina 6-5 (at Buccaneers, at Browns, Saints, Falcons, at Saints)
Philadelphia 5-6 (Redskins, at Cowboys, at Rams, Texans, at Redskins)

It is going to be a close call, like it always is in DC. The keys are beating the Eagles twice and probably take down the Giants. Redskins may have the easiest schedule of the contenders. Although Seattle has three winnable games on their list.

We really don’t know who will win. But we do know it will be interesting.

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