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DC Sports Minute for Thursday 7th January 2010

In the last few days a lot has happened.  Gilbert is suspended, Zorn fired, Shanahan hired, Jin Soo Kim (Choi) left the Terps to go pro in Korea, Portis diss’ed JCam and the beat goes on. 

For those to the north of DC, the Ravens are going to the playoffs.  Even if it is a one day trip, they still are in.

The Gilbert thing is bizarre and sad.  Gil and Javaris Critteton (formerly of Ga Tech) pulling guns on each other is just sad.  Joke or no-joke, is it enough to end both of their careers?  I really didn’t think it was that big a deal, I thought they would really come down on them from the gambling angle.  The whole mess started over a gambling debt.

Zorn fired, no surprise.  Shanahan hired, no surprise.  Shananhan given the last say on football matters, not too happy about that one.  Why even have a GM (Bruce Allen)?  Don’t think Shanahan is a winner.  Did not win anything without Elway and Terrell Davis. 

I really don’t expect Shanahan to win here, he is a .500 coach at best.

Part two is Clinton Portis, who is very entertaining in a celebrity kind of way.  He should be entertaining in a football sense, but he has not been in the past year or so.  I do not know why he would go out of his way to take a verbal shot at Jason Campbell.  But he did, and now Shanahan has fired back at Portis.

At least they are using words and not guns (Wizards).

If it isn’t one thing, its another.  Jin Soo Kim, who later changed his last name to Choi, was the only Korean D1 basketball player.  His quote (paraphrased here) was that, “Going to school interfered with basketball”.  At least he told the truth.  We wish him well as he goes pro in South Korea.

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