Capital Sports Blog acc basketball,acc football,terps DC Sports Minute for Monday Jan 11, 2010

DC Sports Minute for Monday Jan 11, 2010

All is good in Terpland this morning.  A solid win against #18 Florida State and a big time football recruiting commitment highlight the news.

In an early must-have game, since the Terps have not beaten anyone of note outside of the conference, the Turtles came roaring out of the gate. Eric Hayes was hitting the three and FSU’s big center was on the bench early with two fouls.  The Terps stretched the lead despite being slowed considerably by FSU’s zone defense.

Jordan Williams also had two fouls, so there was no battle of the big men in the 1st half.  Cliff Tucker added some spark off the bench as did James Padgett.  Neither Dino nor Bowie showed much in the half.

FSU finally started flying around and consistently cut into the 14 point lead.  Finally getting it to a three point advantage.  Gary used a masterful substitution pattern and really worked the media timeouts to break the rhythm that FSU had setup.

When it got close, the Terps ran some gorgeous flex cuts on offense in the last four minutes and with Grevis hitting on all cylinders put the lead back to 13 points. 

Florida State stayed in the man to man defense in the second half.  I wonder why they did not return to the zone that befuddled the Terps in the fist half.  The Terps were man to man all game. 

This was the first game that the Terps did not have Jin Soo and it looks like Goins has left the program.  So we have two open spots on the bench.


Jevaris Johnson, who appeared solid to Miami, has decided to become a Terp.  He is one of the top 15 linebackers in America.  He will enroll for the spring semester and be available for spring practice this year.

Way to out work and out recruit the rest of the ACC.  Max Garcia (offensive line) was a true battle with Clemson and he is a Terp commit.  Now Jevaris.  Winning these battles is something new for the Terps.

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