Pitt Picks our Pocket (again)

The Terps seem to have lost their top choice for 2010 point guard to Pitt. Isiah Epps (4 stars, Plainfield, NJ) made a verbal commitment to the Pitt Panthers in the last 24 hours. So that is a big story. Remember, it is verbal. Mr. Epps did not sign anything, so maybe it is a […]

A Bounce Back

One win can change a season. One singular effort of determination. An act of defiance. Sometimes it does not matter if you are too small, can’t shoot straight or have to play out of position. It may not concern you that the Internet message boards think your team stinks. Even if you have an 11 […]

One Trillion $

It sounds like a line from the latest Mike Myers movie. It is what the new age arch criminal wants in ransom. ‘One trillion dollars’ to not blow up the world. Hey, maybe it is a new Toyota. Its fast and sporty, big enough for four. Also economical (a must these days). It is the […]

Gary Williams Up Close

Gary Williams Up Close The night after a stunning 66-65 loss to Baltimore’s Morgan State, I spent a few minutes with Coach Williams. Up close and personal, he seemed tired. Nattily dressed in some real cool Under Armor, he strolled into the Greene Turtle at Germantown. He was there to do his weekly radio show […]

The sports page disappeared

Actually, the entire Washington Post has changed. The layoffs and early retirement packages have really taken their toll on the quality of both the Post and Newsweek (owned by the same folks). Like many Americans, the first part of the paper that I go for is the sports page. The sports page is not what […]

What Happened to the Fans?

On Saturday afternoon at 4p the Maryland men’s basketball team played the Charlotte 49’ers. The announced attendance was 16,500. Gary Williams thanked the fans for their support. One little issue, there were by my estimate 6,000+ empty seats. Out of 17,500 total. Over the past two months the Terrapin fans have disappeared. Are all the […]

Play to Win

I guess playing offense at Maryland is tough. It has been written that learning the playbook is really difficult for quarterbacks. Ralph Freidgen (head coach) has said so himself. In order to streamline the process, he brought on former Terp coach James Franklin for the 2008 season. James left Terpland to be the receivers coach […]

The “Future” Leaves Now

Josh Portis Transfers Josh Portis, once arguably the most sought after quarterback in the nation 4 years ago, has decided to leave the University of Maryland. The Portis story is a cautionary tale of what it means to be a ‘can’t miss’ prospect. Josh was highly recruited and seemed destined to be with Urban Meyer […]

Next Year’s Big Men

Two top recruits select Maryland In the past post, I bemoaned the lack of big men on the Maryland Men’s Basketball team. Well today’s post is happily looking to next year. We are fortunate to have two of the nation’s best coming to Terpland for 2009. If the Terps manage to get into the tournament […]

Future and the Past on the Floor

Rob Moxley Returns to College Park It was interesting for followers of the Maryland Terrapins Basketball family to see the former lead recruiter and top assistant Rob Moxley back on the Comcast Center floor. Rob Moxley came to Maryland a few years ago from Charlotte (University of Charlotte 49ers) to help re-build the Terps basketball […]