Pitt Picks our Pocket (again)

The Terps seem to have lost their top choice for 2010 point guard to Pitt. Isiah Epps (4 stars, Plainfield, NJ) made a verbal commitment to the Pitt Panthers in the last 24 hours. So that is a big story. Remember, it is verbal. Mr. Epps did not sign anything, so maybe it is a temporary loss.

Did you know that the Pitt Panthers are the #1 team in the polls? Here is another one, do you know who Jamie Dixon is? Do you know that we lost another top recruit to Pitt basketball and head coach Jamie Dixon earlier this year?

Maryland has lost (and to be fair gained) recruits throughout the years. It is disappointing, but not a shocking story. The fact that Pittsburgh has the #1 basketball team in America this week is news.

On background, Pitt has two big recruits from the DC area for 2009. Dante Taylor, who was a top Terp priority recently. This fellow is 5 a star 6’9” power forward. NBA quality guy from Fort Washington, MD who selected Pitt over the Terps. Pittsburgh also picked up another 6’9” power forward, Talib Zanna from Forestville. This fellow is only a 3 star rated player.

Oh, if we could only get the guys who live within 20 minutes of campus, what a team we would have.

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