Grit of the Terp

Now that was a ‘gritty’ performance on Tuesday evening. Really it was. Suffering from a distinct lack of big men, with Dave Neal bloodied early in the contest and Dino Gregory in foul trouble. Seeing another 17 point lead diminished to 2 points late in the game. All of this in front of a 1/2 […]

Coronation Day in America

“Welcome to America! I know this isn’t what you saw as our future – but just look at what is happening – it’s fascinating!” – Hilarie Viener, President HSV1 Consulting – NYC 1/20/2009 By Wayne Viener – Hilarie, thanks for the email. For those that do not know, I am a little right of center […]

A Night in the Ravens Den

Pittsburgh won the game, the Ravens could not catch up. For once, Baltimore’s other Birds (not the Orioles) were out hit at the end. The Ravens need some offensive playmakers. A Plaxico Burress type receiver would do wonders for Joe Flacco’s numbers. This is not as much about the game as about the party. It […]

On the Record for the NFL

Quick picks for Sunday’s Contests With the last word on the Ravens being that two defensive starters are out, we have to go with the Steelers in a straight up pick. Six points is a lot if you are going with the spread. With the spread figured in, I would take Baltimore. In addition, I […]

Is the Sky Falling Again in Terpland?

I am not chicken little, but everytime we lose a basketball game (or football game) the vox populi calls for the coaches head. I am not pollyanna either. Just because we win, does not make everything ok. What we need from the fans and media is a bit of a level head. Hearing Gary from […]

Too Big to Fail

There has been much talk of institutions, like banks or GM that are too big to fail. My take on Barrack Obama’s time as president-elect is that he is the real ‘too big to fail’ for American liberals. All of the questionable nominees and scandals * that have already befallen the fledgling presidency are scary. […]

Where Do I Begin? by Michael Weiss

Last night was devastating. For 30 minutes, Maryland played with “fire in their belly” and ran Miami off the court. It appeared that Miami was out of shape and over the hill. Adrian Bowe was blowing by defenders. Gary wasn’t yelling (well lets just say as loud as he usually is). Baxton Dupree was…..well, he […]

The Team fits Gary

This is a good team for the coaching style of Gary Williams. They seem tough, willing to play defense at a frenetic level, and have young men committed to a team rebounding concept. Teammates Adrian Bowie (sophomore guard) and Sean Mosely (guard/forward freshman) have been junkyard dog tough in crunch time. Many already know YMCA […]

Olde Tyme Football

That was some olde tyme football in both the Ravens Titans game and the Eagles Giants match up. That is the way playoff football is supposed look and feel. In both games, you could tell the players, coaches and probably owners did not like each other. The controlled violence of professional football was on display. […]

Football Update

Conference Championship week in the NFL is a good time to produce a football update. Our first football update this week is for Josh Portis and Darrius Heyward Bey from the Terps. Josh Portis ended up at Division II California of Pennsylvania. Located near Pittsburgh at 250 University Ave., California, PA 15419 View Larger Map) […]