A Field Level View

Near the end of the game, I leave my perch above the 50 yard line on the visitors side and make my way down to the field.  I call it the field level drive.  Against Clemson I was down there for the last two Terp touchdowns and one Clemson score.  

The 4th reel of game action (posted below) shows snippets of the game from the 5 minute mark to the end. Reel 3 has the Amba Etta touchdown from Caleb Rowe from the field level.  
I know that the game was out of hand at that point, but the views from the sidelines and hearing the coaches and the players pads crunch give a different flavor to the contest. 
The field level view from the bench (in most of this video from the end zone and the Maryland bench) lets you see what the players and coaches see.  It is different than being in the stands.  Take a look and listen to the action.  The reel ends with 9 seconds left as Nigel King scores on a pass from Caleb Rowe.

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