Football Friday – Last Weekend

Last weekend

We have recaps of Saturday and down below, the Redskins on Sunday. 

Last Saturday in College Park started well and didn’t quite end as well for the Terps.  We had a good tailgate.  Even had WVU fans.  I thought the Terps would come out flying.  After a 3-0 lead, it was downhill for a while all the way to 31-10 for WVU.
Then the Terps woke up.  If not for some iffy coaching decisions on a 4th and goal from.the WVU 7 where the Terps went for the touchdown and did not make it, the Terps should have been playing for overtime in the last minutes of the game.
It was a difficult loss @ 37-31.  We held out hope until the bitter end.
Next week is Temple (12:30p), then Towson (3:30p) and on October 8th @ Georgia Tech.  Below are some photos from the game and some cool shots of the band.  The band came up to the 200 level at halftime.  

Before we move on to Sunday, the Terps Pride jerseys are now available for pre-order.  Under Armour decided to sell replicas.  They won’t ship until November.  $65 per.  Here is the link

Sunday @ FedEx Field – I know I am showing my age a little, we had a great parking spot.  The game was pretty good too.  The Redskins took the lead with less than two minutes to go.  The good start to the season (2-0) is no guarantee as I remember 6-2 and 6-0 starts in the past that have not lead to the playoffs.
We have seats in the 14th row and that brings the action right into your lap.  It is a much different way to watch a game than the view we have for Maryland.  I still think the worst seat in the house is on the sideline.  

The tailgating at the Redskins game is far more serious than at the Terps.  There is much more alcohol and overall a more aggressive feel to the atmosphere.

I have heard that the Redskins is as close to a major college atmosphere as there is in the NFL.

The last entry for the week that was is the Redskins band marching around and then into FedEx Field.

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  1. Great game! Terps almost pulled it off. Watched the game at the Green Turtle in O.C. Thanks for the Terps Jersey link. I bought one.

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