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Is Locks the Man for Maryland?

Who is going to be the next football coach at Maryland?  At this point, who knows.  Interviews are going on today.  Interim coach Mike Locksley and Michigan defensive coordinator DJ Durkin are on the list. I am not sure the interview list is complete.

When last I saw Kevin Anderson on Saturday night, he was navigating the hallways of Xfinity Center with suitcase in tow.  He has been traveling and talking about the job opening for 2 months now.  I would think that the issue would have been decided by now.

Some think it is Pep Hamilton, former offensive coordinator for the Colts and before that with Stanford.  Others had Dan Mullen, head coach at Mississippi State as the leader, that has seemed to cool.

Scott Frost, the former Nebraska quarterback and current Oregon offensive coordinator is still on the list.  As is former Terp quarterback Frank Reich, now the offensive coordinator for the San Diego Chargers.

Could it be Rich Rodriguez, the current head man at Arizona and formerly of WVU?  Keith Cavanaugh has mentioned  that Scott Milanovich, the former Terp qb wants back in at Maryland.

The names are still swirling around.  The job is still open.

What I want to know is, how with a two month head start do we not have a coach by now?  Not even an agreed upon favorite.

So what follows is a guess, a possible future – What if the job goes to Mike Locksley?  He can recruit and might be even better at that as the head guy at Maryland.  Could Maryland land Mike London, the recently let go Virginia head coach as the defensive coordinator?  It would be a heck of a combination.

The questions on Locks are, “is he a head coach?  Can he teach?  Will the players get better over the four years?”  I think the team was much better under Mike the past few games than they were under Randy Edsall.  The offense certainly picked up, but the Terps need a qb.

In context, no one is coming to the games now.  Remember when we were assured sellout crowds at Byrd if Maryland went to the B1G,  If one wants to argue that removing the interim label from Locks will dampen ticket sales, I don’t know if that is possible.

Wins sell tickets.  He will have to win here and fast.

Locks has a 3-31 record as a head coach.  He ran a failed administration in New Mexico.  I think he can win here at Maryland, the job fits his connections much better than New Mexico.  If he is the choice, I can live with it.

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